Nico and Hannah

I have the pleasure of photographing certain kids once a year. I’m grateful and happy to say that Nico and Hannah are part of that category of kids. Every year I do my best to capture who they are at that moment as best as I can because I know that as they grow and get older, their personalities will develop more and more. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do my yearly shoot with Nico and Hannah. It was so much fun. I often hear photographers say that they don't like doing children shoots and I can't understand why. They're my favorite client shoots to do. Especially with kids like Nico and Hannah.

Nico and Hannah are such great kids. Rather than trying to describe them to you with words, I'll show you some of the pictures from that session so that you can hopefully see for yourself. We had so much fun on this shoot!

I gave their mom the color versions of these photographs as well but for some reason, I really love the black and white set of these.

He’s speaking more like an adult, when he showed me his baby iguana I could see a high level of consideration and empathy. He also mentioned that I could call him Nicholas if I wanted to 🙂 and I noticed that he has an awareness of the importance of being appropriate and respectful. The bond these two have is so beautiful and moving. They’re both such great kids and I enjoy making photographs of them while they laugh, jump and play but this year, it was a little extra special because though still quite subtle, I saw the first signs of a manhood in Nicholas.