Waiting for our food

The following set that you’re about to see is not from an actual photoshoot but I absolutely love this set. My girlfriend and I were at a restaurant waiting for the food to arrive and the light was nice and she always looks great so I figured I’d make a couple of frames of her. The moment I began composing the pictures my soul felt so good. It felt right. As if I was doing what I was born to do. This is a feeling I used to have consistently but haven’t really had it very much in the last couple of months. Sometimes life has a funny way of pushing out that the things that truly make us happy and substituting them for the things we think we need. It’s in these moments that I lie to myself and tell myself that if I just work a little harder now, that I’ll get to create and enjoy more in the future. Lately, I’ve had the awareness that I don’t need to wait for some magical moment in order to create or be connected with the things that make me happy. I can always create... even if it’s just for a few minutes in a restaurant while I wait for my food while in the company of someone who means so much to me.