Cowgirl test shoot

People often comment on the fact that in a lot of my work the models seem quiet, sad, romantic or still. The truth is that the majority of models that I shoot with laugh and smile quite a bit. What happens is that I tend to cull the images that match my mood so the smiling ones usually are left on my computer. Recently I’ve had the idea that at some point I should make a series where I compile all of the smiling or laughing pictures of the models I work with Not contrived laughter but rather the natural laughter that I catch “in between” shots. This shoot was no different than the rest. The pictures I selected gave the usual feel of the work I typically have been producing but for today’s blog I thought I’d share one laughter/smiling photograph.

It’s always a pleasure working with Karla. She’s professional, she shows up on time, and Ian willing to drive in order to create good work. She is also really creative and comes up with ideas that I enjoy experimenting with. For this shoot we kept it simple and we split it into two different looks. Here are some of the pictures from the cowgirl look of this particular session.